Panoramic Photography

Or, How to get 4-6x more bang out of your sensor!

The purpose of this project was to experiment with the panoramic features in Lightroom. Panoramic photos are something that anyone can do with a little time and effort.  The basic tools required are a camera, a tripod and some panoramic stitching software.  There are 3rd party free alternatives available to Lightroom and this can be done the old school way in photoshop by blending frames together, but Lightroom makes it pretty easy.  You take a series of photos, usually 3-7 with your camera in the portrait orientation.  Make sure as you pan between photos that you have about 25% overlap with each frame.  Then simply pull the images into Lightroom and select them using the “Photo->Photomerge->Panorama” feature in the menus.  There are several settings available in these, so just toggle around and preview until you get something you like, it is that simple.

By joining images together like this, you are effectively making images with much more detail, than if you were to shot an image and crop it to a panorama style frame.  This leads to some amazing possibilities, and a way to push a lot more bang out of your sensor.  This image was taken in Grand Haven, Michigan.  It was a cloudy western Michigan day, so I decided to embrace the mood and shoot something industrial.

Landscapes lend themselves well to this technique.  Architectural photos, like the second one below, show the inherent distortion issues with this type of work.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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