Automating your Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used photography media sites out there.  Did you know you can script your posts to make a steady flow of images with little work?  Like the saying goes, “There is an App for that.”

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite have been doing this automation for Twitter for years.  The programs allow users of several Social media platforms, to schedule tweets or content to release at certain times.  You can plan a months worth of tweeting in a couple hours and have your account look like you are constantly active.  Programs for Instagram are usually clunky, however, and require a lot of extra effort to do basically the same thing.  The reason for this, is Instagram’s Terms of Service.  Instagram is more strict when compared to many of the others; this is Instagram’s effort to be more SPAM proof.  All is not lost for Instagram users however.

A company simply known as Later has come up with, it is a Instagram marketing tool that allows the user to schedule out as many Instagram posts as you want.  The first 30 are free each month, so basically you can use this service to post daily for free, every month.

What Later does differently from other programs is they skirt as close to the Terms and Services agreement, of Instagram, as they can.  When a scheduled post is triggered, you get a push notification on your smart phone Later app that you download for free.  The notification opens the app and prompts you to open it in Instagram.  What is does at the same time is what makes it really different, it saves the caption for the photo, that you entered when you scheduled it, to your clipboard automatically.  You simply hit paste in the caption section and post.  The process takes about 3-5 seconds.  Most other services send you an email reminder and you have to manually copy and paste everything into Instagram.

This is what the scheduler looks like on a MacBook, with 5 posts ready to post:

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.55.57 PM

You drop your media files in, they are stored on the Later site, then you drag and drop them where you want them to go out.  You open the picture and enter your post and content:

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.38.27 PM

This is really helpful.  When I enter posts on the fly, I tend forget all the hashtags that I should apply, and this allows you to edit as much as you want.  It also allows you to type everything on a full sized keyboard.  I can plan a months worth of posts in an hour and this makes sure there is a steady stream of my content going to my followers.

That is basically it in a nutshell.  I personally love this program.  The tech support is first rate.  I asked a question when I first installed the program, and had my question answered by a human in 10 minutes.

This software is as good as it gets for Instagram users.

Later logo used here is property of and used for educational purposes only,  Citation:   (n.d.) later. Retrieved April 13, 2017, from

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