About Me

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After a 24 year career in the field of combat logistics as a United States Marine, I decided I needed to go in a new direction.  I had reached the top of my peer group and yet something was missing, I needed to create.  Currently a fulltime Photography and Advertising/Public Relations Major at GVSU, I specialize in environmental portraiture and event photography.  In all honesty however, I will photograph anything that pushes my skills and makes me explore new concepts in this medium.  I strive to capture not just images, but to pull in, and preserve forever, the emotions of my subjects.  Most of my peers feel photographers should specialize in certain genres to ensure success, but I take a different approach, I try and explore everything.  You will see that in my site, as the images here are the eclectic musings of my mind.

My past experiences make me a person who can manage chaotic situations, is always fully prepared and is consistently early on all deadlines.  I always aim at perfection, knowing the results will be close to it.  Happily married to a wonderful wife and the proud father of two great young men, my family connections help me better explore and capture those connections in other families through photography.