Some tips you usually will not find in a photography “how to” book

There are a ton of photography “how to” books on the market, but I feel most of them to really speak to some of the simpler and very important things we can do to improve our photography.  There are some notable exceptions like Zach Arias’ Photography Q&A and Chris Orwig’s The Creative Fightboth books that touch on some of the themes I cover below and belong in your photography book collections.  So here are 5 of my tips to help you improve your photography:


I recently discovered infographics as a tool that can help in blogging.  I like to think of them as a giant power point slide that can be used to convey a series of points or to explain a concept.  I plan on using them in the future as a way to explain lighting diagrams, general photography principles and other odds and ends.

The beauty of them is that there are several sites that assist in the construction of info graphics.  I used Piktochart for the one below.  The site has a host of templates and makes plugging in your information and photos really easy.  It also has piles of stock royalty free imagery and vector graphics.  A person with minimal time and investment can crank out some pretty neat projects that are eye catching and helpful.

Infographic created at

Citation:  Bergeron, C. (2017, February 09 ). 5 Steps To Improving Your Photography. Retrieved February 9, 2017, from infographic/ saved/19932951

3 comments on “Some tips you usually will not find in a photography “how to” book

  1. Really cool graphic, I’ve always liked photography but I’ve never really spent the time to learn how to use a DSLR, and mine is pretty old anyways. I like the Chase Jarvis quote, and I think he’s right, it’s more about the picture than the camera you used to take it. Nice work!

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  2. This turned out incredible! I have been trying to get in to photography a bit more, especially when it comes to photo editing and types of cameras. This is a great starting place for me as a beginner in the photography community.

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