Getting Google Certified, for free

If you’re a Blogger or internet marketing is part of your business model, then you should probably check out the Google Partners site.  Google will certify you for free, and all you need is a little time and an internet connection.  There are two courses they offer, Adwords and Analytics.  Each of these certifications have several add-on certifications you can get after learning the fundamentals.  While I plan to do all of the lessons in both areas, I chose to start on the Adwords side.

I was exposed to the process of using Adwords as part of my technology in advertising course at GVSU.  To put it simply, Adwords, are lists of words that people often search for.  Google will even tell you what these words are and how to properly employ them in the content you are generating.  Basically having these words in the title of your posts and embedded in the text of the post causes google to consider placing your post higher in search results.  The Adwords course will also helps you understand how to take the leap into advertising online.

With google advertising you can pick when and where your adds are seen, how much you’re willing to pay to have someone come to your site, etc.  Google partners is Google’s way of teaching you how to use them as an advertiser.  Classes are broken down in 5-10 minute lessons ,that sometimes include video, to help you understand concepts.  When you’re finished with all the lessons, google will test you and if you pass, they will certify you for a year.  These certifications are something anyone can do to add weight to their resume or internship application.

The other course, which I will be taking this summer, teaches you the google analytics tools that are available through their site.  This can give you valuable insight into potential customers and help you understand what you are doing right or wrong, with your marketing strategy.  Helping you understand your return on investment (ROI) is what google analytics is all about.

Google Partners - Certification

While I am not ready to start paying for advertising just yet, this has been a very valuable lesson into how it works.  Google also offers an entire web forum here, they call it there virtual water cooler, where you can talk with other business owners to better understand google advertising.  Give it a try, it is well worth your time.


Google Partners logo used here is property of Google and used for educational purposes only.  (n.d.) Google Partners. Retrieved March 30th, 2017, from

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